Heartland Barrel Racing Association

Bringing the fun and friendly competition back to barrel racing!


The HBRA Rule Book can be found HERE.


Due to taking a year off, we will not be accepting memberships for the

 2017 season.


Our main goal with our association is to enhance the sport of barrel racing.  After a lot of researching and planning, we developed this association with the intention of bringing back the fun and friendly competition that our sport truly needs.

1.  Our main objective is to provide a family-friendly environment.  Excessive foul language, violence, or any abusive behavior will not be tolerated.  This behavior has no place at a family event.

2.  Our Open class is a 5D, instead of the traditional 4D.  This helps cater to more competitors by eliminating the gap in payouts between 3D and 4D.

 3.  Not only do we want good payouts at our shows, but we also want to be able to give quality, usable year-end awards.

 4.  Our membership fees are very reasonable, and we also offer a PeeWee only membership.  With this, any competitor ages 8 and under will qualify for year-end awards.  This does include lead line, as well!

 5.  We will try to keep our shows as local as possible to help with travel expenses.  We will also do our best to schedule around the other shows in the area, so that everyone has the opportunity to compete wherever they wish without having to choose.

We hope you will join us this year, and we hope to be here helping our sport grow for years to come!